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Establishing Fairness in Relationships: May Talks

May 8, 2010

We think we know what’s fair in just about any situation and assume that our personal fairness barometer will make everyone else happy, too.  Yet, from the playground to the bedroom, to the boardroom, our lives resonate with the protest, “That’s not fair!” Who gets to decide what’s fair?  B. Janet Hibbs challenges us to go beyond communication styles and gender and age gaps to strengthen our relationships through fairness. Hibbs reveals the innate bias that convinces us that we’re right, explores why we keep score, and shows how we can apply the principles of fairness, resulting in healthier and happier relationships. Hibbs is a relational ethics expert, author, and family psychologist and has served as a clinical supervisor and on the faculty in the department of marriage and family therapy at Drexel University. Her book, Try to See It My Way: Being Fair in Love and Marriage (Avery/Penguin), is available for signing after the program.

Visit and use promotional code: 182867

to purchase tickets for this program at the Smithsonian at the member discount. Quick Tix Code: 1M2-505.
May 21 Talk: 6:30 p.m
., Cherry Hill, N.J.
Keys to Healthier, Happier Relationships

Dr. Hibbs will be presenting at Kennedy Health System Wellness Center, Cherry Hill Public Library on Friday, May 21st. The public is invited and refreshments will be served.
1100 Kings Highway, North
Cherry Hill, N. J.

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